21st Century Air Conditioned and Heating Solution Comfort In a Classic Home

Enhance your home with a small duct high velocity system

This Bosch Duel Fuel heating and cooling system is a fully inverter compressor and has the capability to modulate down on capacity. Which takes the place of a simple on/off control like other units. It modulates down is based on coil temperatures and amp draws so, having the 5 tons of cooling when needed is the way to go. Thus diminishing working expenses and saving you money. With improved humidity control and higher productivity, the performance of the Bosch Duel Fuel unit gives you most extreme solace with minimum energy use! Bosch units also are whisper quiet when running. Measuring at or below 60 Decibels which as you can see from the attached chart how that compares to other sounds.

Why Choose the Bosch Duel Fuel Systems

  • Give an exact amount of heating or cooling that your home requires
  • Cost efficient
  • can still cool very efficiently with extremely low outside temperatures