What HVAC services do you offer?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning. If you are in Evanston, IL or a surrounding area, you can look to Phoenix HVAC to provide your home with a number of HVAC services such as: AC Replacement/Instillation, AC Maintenance, Furnace & Boiler Repair/Replacement, In-Floor Heating Systems, Thermostat services and many more. We are experts in working with Older Homes which pose specific challenges such as older systems as well as smaller areas for units and ductwork. Call today to schedule an appointment.

What if I have an older home?

We specialize in High Velocity Systems and Radiant Heat; these systems are especially helpful in homes which do not have a lot of space for bulky units. Maintaining your homes beauty and history is definitely possible. Let us show you how!
It is important to us to address each our customer's individual needs for their home.

How can I increase the efficiency of my HVAC system?

Just like you increase the efficiency of a vehicle by getting the oil changed, tires rotated, and checking out unusual noises, the same rule of thumb applies to your HVAC system. The industry has come a long way in the last 20 years and taking advantage of that through the replacement of your system (or components of your system) with industry leading brands such as Bryant equipment. Preventative maintenance is going to impact your utility expenses and will become an investment that will pay you back for years to come. Please call to schedule an appointment and a Highly Trained Technician would be happy to provide additional information.
Also, don't forget, almost all utility companies will offer you direct rebates for upgrading into newer systems. These rebates will pay you back immediately for making a great, long term decision for you and your home!

What does Home HVAC maintenance cover?

This service is available year-round however the system we pay attention to will depend on the time of the year.
We will take a look at your system top to bottom, replace filters and ensure thermostat is in working order. We will provide a full diagnosis of any areas of concern. We want to ensure your system is operating safely and ensure you are as comfortable as possible in your home. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about your system and potential upgrades.

How do I take care of my outside air conditioning unit?

Regular maintenance of outdoor condenser is recommended annually. Our licensed technician can also show you how to clean the outdoor coil if you feel multiple cleaning is required.

Is my thermostat working properly?

Thermostat batteries should be replaced anytime your heating or cooling system is checked. Also, if your thermostat is over 10 years old and is not programmable consider upgrading thermostat to prevent potential problems. Ask about our smart thermostat rebates and benefits when your technician is servicing your home.

How do I clean/what is an AC Duct unit?

Duct work is most effective when done by a professional because it ensures that job has been done correctly. Having clean AC Ducts is very important because your system runs better and the air in your home is safer for your family to breathe by helping eliminate fungus, drywall dust, bacteria, and even insects and rodents.

What if I need help after hours?

We are 24/7 company, full-service company and are happy to address your needs outside of regular business hours and even on holidays. You may find additional costs outside of business hours but we are happy to discuss this further on a case by case basis.

What guarantees & warranties do you offer?

Choosing to work with Phoenix HVAC, in Evanston, IL means you will have a project completed in a timely manner with reasonable pricing. Our team makes it a priority to keep you informed from start to finish so there are no surprises as well as staying polite and enthusiastic throughout the project. We will always make sure you are aware of Manufacturer Rebates and Warranties for New System Installations. We will even walk you through the registration to make things as easy as possible for you.
Phoenix HVAC LLC. Has extended warranties and lifetime workmanship warranties. We stand by our work as long as regular maintenance standards are adhered to.

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