Maintenance Membership

Maintenance MembershipEnsure Your HVAC System Is Running Efficiently

Maintenance Membership

Ensure Your HVAC System Is Running Efficiently

Sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan in Evanston, IL and surrounding areas

HVAC preventive maintenance is the best way to save yourself from major problems and costly bills. When you sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan in Evanston, IL and surrounding areas, you can have peace of mind knowing that your system is always running as well as it should.

At Phoenix HVAC, LLC, we're in it for the long haul. We focus on building long-term relationships to keep you informed about your system. Trust us for everything you need to ensure the comfort of your home.

Our HVAC maintenance plan comes with a ton of value for your home. Here are just a few features:

  • Home analysis with full system diagnostics
  • Seasonal maintenance visits
  • Air filter and water panel replacement
  • Annual water heater inspections

Commercial Property Rates

$159 for first unit (size: 5 ton (300,000 BTU) or larger)
$129 for subsequent systems

Residential Rates

The annual fee for one heating system and one attached component is $89.
Each additional unit is $79 and Service for high-velocity systems comes with a $50 additional fee.

A Few Features:

  • Enjoy no service charges during regular business hours
  • 10% discount on all required repairs
  • 5% discount on new installation.
  • When you purchase a two-year plan, you'll get your third year for free.
  • If you decide to buy a three-year plan, you'll get your fourth and fifth years for free.

Call now to sign up for an HVAC preventive maintenance plan for your Evanston, IL home or any home in the surrounding area.

Furnace & Boiler Maintenance

Furnance & Boiler maintenance  in Rolling Meadows, Highland Park, IL and surrounding areas

Furnace & Boiler Maintenance

Keep Your HVAC Equipment in Good Condition

Schedule your HVAC preventive maintenance plan today

Getting HVAC preventive maintenance is key to preserving the lifespan of your furnace or boiler and protecting your investment. Let the experts of Phoenix HVAC, LLC develop a consistent HVAC maintenance plan so you can stay on track and successfully endure the harsh Illinois winters.

If you're in Rolling Meadows & Highland Park, IL, call now to discuss your HVAC maintenance plan.

Consistent maintenance is key to keeping up with your units

HVAC preventive maintenance requires the help of a professional team.
Learning how to keep up with your system will help you:

  • Get the most out of your investment
  • Avoid costly repairs and replacements
  • Keep your home comfortable throughout the year

Collaborate with our team to develop the best plan of action for your furnace or boiler.
This will keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter.

Consequences of Heating Maintenance Neglect

Consequences of Heating Maintenance NeglectStay Ahead of Heater Malfunctions

Consequences of Heating Maintenance Neglect

Stay Ahead of Heater Malfunctions

Hire Phoenix HVAC, LLC for HVAC preventive maintenance in Rolling Meadows or Highland Park, IL

When was the last time you checked to make sure your boiler was functioning properly? If you're like most people, you probably don't think about it until something goes wrong. Make sure you stay on top of potential problems by scheduling routine boiler maintenance services from Phoenix HVAC, LLC.

Our experts can detect faults in your heating system and make the necessary repairs so they don't turn into something worse.

Reach out to us today to schedule HVAC preventive maintenance services at your Rolling Meadows or Highland Park, IL area home.

Why is it so important to stay on top of heating repairs?

If you aren't sure you need boiler maintenance, consider that neglecting your HVAC system can lead to:
  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Inconsistent temperatures.
  • Frequent, costly repairs.
  • Complete system breakdowns.
  • Carbon monoxide exposure.

Call 224-829-4822 now to schedule HVAC preventive maintenance in the Rolling Meadows or Highland Park, IL area.

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