Create the Perfect Indoor Environment to Grow Plants

Create the Perfect Indoor Environment to Grow Plants

Ask about our indoor cultivation services in Highland Park or Rolling Meadows, IL

When your business depends on the ability to grow plants, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Thankfully, you can create a precise indoor cultivation system in Highland Park or Rolling Meadows, IL when you work with Phoenix HVAC, LLC.

We'll make sure the humidity and temperature controls on your system are just right for the type of plants you're growing, so you can maximize production. We'll even maintain your system throughout the years to make sure it's working properly. Discuss your needs with us today so we can start designing your residential or commercial indoor cultivation system.

Make sure every part of the cultivation process goes smoothly

Our top-of-the-line systems are designed with every step of the indoor cultivation process in mind. You'll find that everything is more convenient, including:

  • Growing plants
  • Harvesting plants
  • Storing plants

Whether you want a large commercial indoor cultivation system or a small one for residential purposes, you can count on us. An inadequate infrastructure too often sacrifices disease prevention as well as terpenes, flavor, and cannabinoid profiles. Get a free estimate with our team today.

Dehumidification process that has been widely used for high capacity venues such as church, warehouse with high humidity. This technique applied to cultivation creates a process that utilizes your existing equipment to meet your dehumidification needs without external mechanical equipment. This leads to significantly lowered operating costs which directly impacts your bottom line." "We can implement reheat process using either electric heat or water depending on facility needs.