Choose a Trusted Brand Like Unico

Choose a Trusted Brand Like Unico

Change out your HVAC equipment in Evanston & Highland Park, IL

As the leading installer of Unico HVAC equipment in Evanston & Highland Park, IL, Phoenix HVAC, LLC takes our position very seriously. We believe in this brand. That's why we install, repair and replace it in homes all over the area.

Unico systems are made specifically for radiator-heated homes. Their size makes them ideally suited for older homes with smaller spaces for ductwork.

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Your HVAC installation can save you a lot of money on repairs

Do you find yourself needing to repair your air conditioning unit every couple of months? It might be time to cut your losses by getting an HVAC installation. We'll replace your old, worn-out AC unit with a Unico air conditioning system. This top-notch equipment lasts longer and holds up better than competitors.

Why should you pick Unico? These AC systems:

  • Operate quietly so you can relax
  • Lower the humidity levels in your home
  • Feature small, out-of-sight ducts

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